Free SAT Vocabulary Practice Tests

VocabTest's SAT Vocabulary: No registration, 2400 Vocabulary questions. At the bottom of the page, there are links for Level A - Level H. These are quizzes you should take. Difficulty appears to increase in higher-lettered groups. Each Level has 15 "Units" of 20 words each. There are several different formats of the multiple choice questions: Learning Definitions (gives you a word), Reverse Definitions (gives you definition), Synonym Practice (gives you word), Reverse Synonym (gives you synonyms), Antonyms Online (gives you word), Reverse Antonyms (gives you antonyms), and Vocabulary Sentences (complete the sentence). The Antonym quizzes are not available in Level A, and the Sentence quizzes are only in Levels D - G. If you miss a question, you go back and guess again. Remember the correct answer, because every question you miss appears a second time later in the quiz. This repetition is an excellent learning tool. When you complete a quiz, a page comes up showing the questions you miss for a final review, and it compares your results to other users' data. Between the huge number of quizzes and the many ways to take them, VocabTest's site is a great place to study vocabulary.

Syvum SAT Test Preparation Practice Exercises: No registration required, 20 Math, 20 Critical Reading, 360 Vocabulary questions. If you want some variety in your studying, this is a fun site to use. This site gives you options on how to study for and take your quizzes. All can be taken in a standard quiz form, which grades itself and gives short explanations. All quizzes can also be taken in "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" format. You can choose to take the vocabulary quizzes in flashcard, matching, or hangman format by word or definition. There's a lot of potential with this site for learning and variety, particularly with the vocabulary.

Sheppardsoftware SAT Games: No registration, 720 Vocabulary questions. This is a great and simple site for vocabulary quizzes. You can review words in flashcard format, print lists of the words, or take multiple-choice tests on them. The words are challenging without being excessively hard. When you miss questions, an explanation appears at the bottom. Overall, Sheppardsoftware is a great resource.

English-Test's 1002 SAT Vocab Tests Online: No account required, 100s of Vocabulary MC questions. Although the site has many good vocabulary lists, the quizzes are limited to getting the word and selecting the right meaning, and the reverse, getting the meaning and selecting the correct word. While this is fine for building vocabulary, it does not include the typical fill-ins seen on the SAT Critical Reading. If you are having problems with vocabulary, this is a fine site to use; otherwise, spend your time on other websites. Top 180 SAT words: No registration, 180 Vocabulary words. Words are quizzed using fill-in and matching tests as well as a variety of games, including puzzles, crosswords, and word searches. Note that there are no multiple-choice quizzes. All in all, it's not that useful, but it may be fun for a puzzle or two.

Saab Vocabulary Practice For SAT, or here: No registration needed, about 1,900 vocabulary questions. The first quiz does not work, and the others are difficult to use. There's lots of options when there really only needs to be a "Take Quiz" button. The words Saab tests you on can be nonsensical, varying from bitter, angry, free, and forever to garrulous and eschew. While you may learn from some of these words, the rest are insulting.