The Best SAT Math Practice Tests

MajorTests SAT Prep: No registration, 249 Critical Reading, 132 Writing, 240 Math. This easy-to-use site has a plethora of online tests that are divided by category. Quizzes are automatically graded, and you can view detailed explanations for problems you missed. Even more incredible are the segmented lists of 1400+ vocabulary words that can be viewed online or in PDF. I cannot find anything wrong with this superb resource for short SAT quizzes.

4Tests Practice SAT Exam: No registration, 67 math questions and 50 critical reading questions. Tests are easy to take, and the answers with explanations can be reviewed either after completing a question or finishing the whole test. The site is heavily ad-supported, and there are many pop-up ads that may prove quite distracting. Exams may be saved or continued with the creation of an account. This is a decent site for math and critical reading practice since it's so easy to use and there's a good amount of questions, but make sure you have a pop-up blocker or a lot of patience.

OnlineMathLearning Free SAT Practice Test: Active e-mail required for 16 Math questions, no registration for other 10 Math questions. Submit your e-mail for a practice test of 16 math questions. They mail you a small PDF file with the questions and a few ads. If you confirm your email, the site will send you a solutions guide. I received mine 2 or 3 days after I got the test. The 10 Geometry questions have solutions, but it's barely worth your time. The one thing this site does have is a bunch of past SAT Essay prompts at the bottom of the page here. Even though it's called OnlineMathLearning, its math is not too impressive. I would stick to the essays.
LearningExpress Math Review:
Great guide for basic math. PDF; 4MB download.
Number2 Free Online Test Prep: Short registration, 40 Critical Reading, 20 Writing, 80 Math. These questions are given individually without a timer. If you answer a question incorrectly, the site gives you a hint and sends you back for another guess. This can be slightly frustrating at times, particularly on a math grid-in where you can get stuck on a question for a long time if you can't figure it out. Once you answer it correctly, the site gives you an explanation. A decently-sized guide accompanies each section. While this site truly intends well, the inability to skip or get around any difficult grid-in problems limits Number2's usefulness for those not strong in math.

Barron's Practice Test Demo<: Requires registration, 10 Math, 5 Critical Reading, 5 Writing. The questions are good, the website is easy to use, and the test has an optional timer. Explanations are included, but with only 20 free questions, there's not too much substance here.

Algebra SAT Preparation: No registration, 16 Critical Reading and 50 Math. The only really interesting part about this resource is that it has all of the words linked to Webster's Online Dictionary. This is rather useful on the Critical Reading when you do not know what a word means. However, it's simply annoying on the math section where vocabulary is not an issue. There are no explanations for the answers, which limits the usefulness of this website.

College PowerPrep Registration Form: Even though no account is required, this website is difficult to use and is very outdated. It offers its free practice test via a free program download that you must install. It only takes a few moments to download,but it only contains 4 sections- 2 math, and 2 english. It is based off old exams, which means its english sections contain analogies and critical reading. Analogies are no longer on the SAT, so their utility is limited in vocabulary-building. The math sections are decent, with 46 total problems. The program offers no answers or explanations, and it instead displays broad topics of recommended improvement. Even with its included timer, this download is too clunky and old to be too effective.

SATExamPrep Free SAT Test Prep Study: Registration necessary, 48 Critical Reading, 5 Writing, 55 Math. Registering for this site was pretty difficult- to register, you must click "Get Started" under the writing section, not the math. The website is dysfunctional, and displays annoying question marks instead of characters like parenthesis or apostrophes. Any quiz you take will not be graded, and you will never know how many you answered correctly. Needless to say, there's no explanations for questions you miss. This may be decent resource in the future when the owner decides to maintain it, but as for now, stay away.