Complete SAT Practice Tests

ProProfs Free Online SAT Practice Tests: Requires registration, 2-3 full SAT tests, plus 168 Critical Reading, 87 Writing, 129 Math questions. This website may seem a little strange at first, but it's a wonderful resource. 2 full SATs are available immediately after registration, and the 3rd one becomes available if you write two posts to the onsite SAT message board. Although this only takes a minute or two, it buys you another full test. All full tests are online, timed, and taken section by section. At the completion of each section, ProProfs gives you a raw score to write down. When finished with the entire test, you can enter the raw scores to get scores out of 800. This is a tiny bit more work but is not a huge inconvenience. Also after each section comes a page listing all of your incorrect or skipped answers, and this page contains explanations for these questions. Although all 3 tests have essays, no sample essays are given. The individual questions are also incredibly useful. Not only are there a boatload of them, you can review the questions at the end and see explanations. While the math and writing explanations are great, the critical reading explanations are not quite as detailed. Also in the individual questions is a 3-section practice SAT on math. I fully recommend using this site and its easy-to-use 999 practice SAT questions.

INeedAPencil Tests: Account required, but email activation not necessary, 2 full-length SAT Tests in PDF format, Customized Practice Questions, Single-Question Generator Questions. Registration and test download are fast, but as they are not online, they must be printed out. Answer sheets and explanations are also available. The explanations are very thorough, but no sample essay response is shown in the full-length tests. Customized Practice Questions allow you to choose the number of questions desired in either math, writing, or critical reading. A useful feature allows you to test your weakest areas. The single-question generator is very easy to use, and shows an explanation after each question. In addition, there are 60 short online lessons sorted by topic, and most of them are math-oriented. I highly recommend this site whether you need entire exams or just a few questions.

Collegeboard Free SAT Practice Test: Registration required, 1 full SAT Test. The test is easily found and opened as a PDF. It is nearly 2MB so it may take a little time. Once it does open, you must either print the 50-page test or take the test at the computer for 3 hours. Neither option is terribly appealing. The test itself, of course, is going to be very similar to the real SAT. After you finish the test, you can enter your answers online and the site will score your test, give feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and show incredibly detailed explanations for missed questions. If you can spare the paper, take this test. Too bad there's only one.

MySatPractice: Requires registration and e-mail confirmation. 2 full SAT Practice, 3 more coming, 100s of individual test questions. Even though this website takes a minute or two to register for, it's well worth it. The 2 full Practice SATs are all online and timed, but there is no review function to learn from. The individual test questions are given by subject so you can specifically choose what to review. It shows questions one at a time. If you are stuck on a question, you can get up to two hints for it. After you answer, the website gives a very detailed explanation and keeps track of your progress and accuracy. It has a great online vocabulary feature that includes both word lists and tests. The vocabulary tests give either the word or definition. The neat part is that after you guess, the game tells you what the other 4 words mean. It even shows an example sentence to demonstrate how the word is used. While the full SATs are not terribly useful, the individual questions and vocabulary are effective.

Kaplan SAT PDF Test
There aren't any answers, which is too bad, but it's very convenient and is good practice nonetheless.

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